‘Why Your Kid Can’t Spell…and what you can do about it’ Success Story:

In 2009, Aussie Kids Coach wrote and published its first book called, click ‘Why Your Kid Can’t Spell…and what you can do about it!’ This small book was written specifically to help parents who were worried about their kid’s spelling. It takes parents on a step by step journey to help their kids learn how to spell using the phonic sounds that make up the English language.

This book was immediately accepted by parents with comments such as, go here “If I had been taught these spelling rules at school, my fear of spelling would have disappeared long ago.”

But what we didn’t expect was the reaction from teachers and schools. http://mmma.org.uk/author/ammmun4389/page/7/?doing_wp_cron=1479330687.8774969577789306640625 ‘Why Your Kid Can’t Spell…’ enjoys regular sales to teachers and schools who are looking for a simple text that teaches the rules of spelling. The book has now gone International as it regularly makes sales on the Teachers Pay Teachers website.

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