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Why Your Kid Can’t Read And What You Can Do About It!


“Why can’t my child read?” Is a question many parents are asking.

If you as a parent has ever asked this question “Why can’t my child read?” then this product will explain exactly why many kids today can’t read effectively. It will explain how the English language works and why it is so confusing to so many kids. Then it will show you how parents can use this highly structured, step by step, phonic learn to read system to teach their kids how to learn to read, write and spell.

It comes complete with printable phonics flashcards, activity sheets and comes with a FREE bonus – Punctuation Rules For Kids.

“Here’s the quickest and easiest way to help your kid to read NOW!”

It’s easy. If you’ve been searching for a simple way to help your child with their reading, then your search is over.

My name is Ian Davies and I’ve recently released a phonic learn to read system written specifically for parents that shows you how to teach your child reading without the expense of a tutor.

I’ll explain how the learn to read system works in a moment, but first I’d like to tell you how it helped Will.

When I first met Will he was in Grade 3 and showing all the classic signs of a boy set up to fail for the rest of his education:

  • He was word guessing… what else could he do? He hadn’t been taught to sound out new words. He didn’t even know the 44 individual phonic sounds in the English language, let alone the phonic rules!!
  • He was frustrated and angry at his lack of success at reading and his confidence had hit rock bottom.
  • His spelling was a disaster as he had no idea how words were put together.
  • He was ‘forgetting’ to bring his reader home- he didn’t want his mum and dad to see he couldn’t read it, so he’d ‘forget’ to bring it home.
  • Other kids were giving him a hard time by making comments about his reading. This really chewed into Will’s self esteem.
  • Will simply didn’t want to go to school any more. There were tears every morning and that made life a nightmare for his mum and dad.

In short, Will had ‘switched off’. He believed that he couldn’t read, so he stopped trying and that brought out all sorts of unhealthy feelings and reactions in him that threatened to de-rail his entire education. Will had been stuck on Level 18 of his school’s Graded Reading Levels for 4 months and he was sick of it.

So I went back to scratch with Will and worked him through my phonic learn to read system. We began with the 44 phonic sounds that make up the English language. I then showed him how to blend the sounds like pa  pe  pi  po  pu and ap  ep  ip  op  up and immediately Will’s confidence soared. The structure of our language all started to make sense for him and all of a sudden he found his spelling was improving. Within six weeks Will had completed Level 22 of his school’s Graded Reading Levels, and within 6 months he had completed the final level in the program (Level 30) and Will could basically read anything he chose to.

Pretty amazing isn’t it? Here’s how Will felt, “I’ve got a lot better at my reading…. I’ve finished all my levels and it’s a lot easier. My Dad reckons it’s really good, and so does my Mum”.

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Will it work for you? There is a very good chance that following my system which help your child read, but in case you are having doubts about spending your hard earned. Aussie Kids Coach offers a simple Money Back Guarantee. What I do know is that it has worked for many other children. So give my system a try and if it doesn’t work for you, or if it isn’t right for you, simply let me know for a full refund, no questions asked and Aussie Kids Coach will happily refund your money.

You have 12 months to decide.


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