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Why Your Kid Can’t Spell And What You Can Do About It! – Ebook


All About ‘Why Your Kid Can’t Spell…and what you can do about it’

If you are happy and content with your kid’s sloppy spelling then I’d suggest you stop reading now. This book is not for you.

This book is for parents who want to get involved in their kid’s education and want to improve their kid’s spelling.

Here’s how it works:

1. This book will explain to you exactly why many kids these days can’t spell very well.

2. Then you will learn what you can do to help improve your kid’s spelling. Things like:

  • The 33 spelling rules to teach your kid how to spell the 87% of the English language that follows the rules.Kids love the structure of these rules and all of a sudden spelling is fun.
  • What we do with the 13% of words that do not follow the rules. Kids love the challenge of learning these rebel words that try to trick them.

Kids love learning these rules. They make spelling FUN!

But you don’t have to take my word for it. Here’s what others say about these rules:

  • ‘Ian Davies should be congratulated. If I had been taught these spelling rules at school, my fear of spelling would have disappeared long ago.’ –  Terry Phillips, Callawadda
  • This is an awesome straight forward learning tool for parents! I am so glad I found it! –  missycindy (online username)
  • This is such a useful resource. Thanks. –  Jenny Tompkins
  • Starts simply, right back at the beginning of the spelling rules. I am planning to use this with my class this year as a reminder of the rules. – Crystal Stark

How about having some fun with your kid and help their spelling at the same time?

Right now the solution to your kid’s spelling problems is available for $14.95

So what are you waiting for?

Order Why Your Kid Can’t Spell… and what you can do about it, today!

Ian Davies

PS.      ‘Why Your Kid Can’t Spell…   and what you can do about it’ is unconditionally guaranteed. If it’s not what you want or hasn’t helped your kid’s spelling after 12 months then I offer a courteous and full repayment of your money.

PPS.     I forget to tell you about the FREE BONUS. It’s a free download list of the most commonly used 100 words … get your kids learning these supercharged words straight away.

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