The Maths Every Grade 6 Kid Needs to Know

Maths Every Grade 6 Kid Needs


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In this Ebook you will discover 40 math worksheets containing hundreds of activities designed to ensure your Grade 6 kid has the foundation maths skills to learn maths effectively at secondary school.

This book had been specifically designed for parents who want to ensure their Grade 6 kid has the foundation maths skills to learn maths effectively at secondary school. Every week I work with kids who are struggling with Year 8 and Year 9 maths because they have not been taught the foundation maths skills.

Maths is a sequential subject. You build a foundation of maths skills in primary school and build on that foundation in secondary school. If kids step into secondary school with some of the foundation missing, they will struggle.

Easy to read and use, your kid’s will learn the following:

  • How to count in sequences and understand place value in numbers.
  • How understand and memorise the times tables. How to use addition, subtraction, multiplication and division in everyday practical situations, without needing a calculator.
  • How to measure length, weight, liquids and time in practical situations.
  • How to understand fractions and percentages without tearing their hair out.
  • How to apply maths to money.

It should not be seen as a comprehensive text book for Grade 6 maths. It concentrates on only the stuff these kids have to know

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Will it work for you? There is a very good chance that following my system which help your child read, but in case you are having doubts about spending your hard earned. Aussie Kids Coach offers a simple Money Back Guarantee. What I do know is that it has worked for many other children. So give my system a try and if it doesn’t work for you, or if it isn’t right for you, simply let me know for a full refund, no questions asked and Aussie Kids Coach will happily refund your money.

You have 12 months to decide.


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