Teachers Toolbox – Full set


The Teacher’s Toolbox Full Set includes over 120 teaching tools available for teachers to implement in the classroom.

There are a huge range of tools included in the Toolbox:

√ Tools to improve student engagement.

√ Team building tools.

√ Public speaking tools.

√ Confidence building tools.

√ Tools to develop resilience.

√ Tools to spark curiosity.

√ Tools that challenge.

√ Tools that create rapport with students.

√ Interactive tools that help kids to learn by ‘doing’.

√ Communication tools.

√ Flexible thinking tools.

√ Tools that develop general knowledge.

√ Tools that provide valuable informal assessment information.

√ Tools to use in conflict resolution situations.

√ …and lots, lots more!

I would be surprised if you have not already got some of these tools clipped on to your teaching toolbelt. But somewhere among this Toolbox of tried and tested tools, there just might be one or two tools that are well worth clipping on to your toolbelt. You may have heard the saying that ‘small hinges swing big doors’. Well sometimes just one new tool can have a major impact on a teacher’s effectiveness.

Take Claire from MoamaAnglicanGrammaSchool, who learnt about the ‘Changing Limiting Beliefs Tool’.

She said, “ This tool helps me problem solve challenges I face with students.”

Lots of the tools are like that- they can be used over and over and over to ‘swing big doors’ and completely change attitudes and enhance student learning.

The Teacher’s Toolbox Full Set is currently selling at half price. So you get the full set comprising:

  • Conflict Resolution Tools
  • Classroom Management Tools
  • Creative Cooperative learning Tools
  • StudentSuccessBuilding Tools
  • Exciting Engagement Tools
  • Critical Coaching Tools

… for half price. That is over 120 Tools for just $ 56.91 or less than 50c per tool.

Click here to take advantage of this half price offer and receive over 120 teaching tools designed to enhance student learning and minimise classroom disruptions.

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