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All About Conflict Resolution Tools

Why Conflict Resolution Tools?

Every teacher is destined to handle situations of conflict:

  • Conflict between students and themselves
  • Conflict between two or more students
  • Conflict between students and parents
  • Conflict between parents
  • Personal conflict with others

In fact, conflict is a part of everyday life for everyone.

Every student is bound to encounter conflict in some way, shape or form.

It may be through:

  • Bullying
  • Cyber bullying
  • Conflict with a parent
  • Conflict with a teacher
  • Conflict with a friend or classmate

Educational research suggests that many students lack the skills and strategies to cope with conflict and to resolve it fairly. This particularly applies to teenagers who go through a stage where they will assert their independence. This often brings them in conflict with parents, authority figures as well as their peers.

So this package of Conflict Resolution Tools is designed to:

  1. Provide teachers with some useful tools they can use to help resolve situations of conflict
  2. Provide teachers with some tools they can teach students to help them resolve situations of conflict
  3. Help conflicting parties to take responsibility for solving a conflict

What do you get??

  • A step-by-step conflict resolution process that teachers can use to as a template to resolve serious conflict issues in their classroom. Eg. There is a Tool for cooling down, for discussing the source of the conflict, for brainstorming solutions … and so on.
  • A conflict resolution evaluation template that helps students learn valuable lessons from conflict experiences.
  • Tools to teach students so that they can navigate through the inevitable conflict they will encounter in every day life. eg The Anger Management Tool, the Peer Mediation Tool, the What Would You Say To A Friend Tool …and so on.

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