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All About Student Wellbeing Tools

…to help teachers provide wellbeing support to students

Why Student Wellbeing Tools?

Teaching is much more than an exchange of information between teacher and student. In fact these days, with the breakdown of traditional family structures causing a deficit of moral support and guidance in many kids, the teacher’s role has become much more one of providing wellbeing support for students.

Unfortunately, teacher training does not equip teachers with the understanding or tools to deal with difficult student wellbeing issues. These tools are designed to provide teachers for just that.

This package of Student Wellbeing Tools will:

  1. Provide teachers with some useful tools to help them deal with serious wellbeing issues amongst students. These issues are often the root cause of student disengagement or lack of learning.
  2. Provide teachers with the tools they can teach students to help them overcome wellbeing issues.

What do you get with Student Wellbeing Tools??

  • Tools which help teachers to change limiting beliefs in students. eg. The Changing Limiting Beliefs Tool shows teachers how to flip limiting beliefs on their head. eg. The “I’m dumb at maths” limiting belief can be turned around so that students develop a more positive, ‘I can…’ belief.
  • Tools which help teachers to teach students how to communicate effectively. eg. The Effective Communication Tool teaches students how to communicate effectively with peers, parents and people in authority.
  • A tool to use when a serious conflict develops between two students. This tool shows teachers how to conduct an interview which encourages an acceptable solution for both parties.
  • Tools for teachers to teach students to help them self-coach. eg. How to set goals using the SMART goal setting process.
  • Tools to help teachers build resilience and self esteem in students.

How To Order Student Wellbeing Tools?

To learn how to deal with student wellbeing issues, click the ‘add to cart’ button at the top of the page to order The Teacher’s Toolbox: Student Wellbeing Tools today.

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