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All About Student Success Building Tools

…to fulfill the child’s need for SIGNIFICANCE

Why Student Success Building Tools?

The need for significance is a fundamental personality need for all of us. Every person and child needs to feel important, needed, and wanted in some way. Provide for these three things in our classrooms, and we will go a long way towards improving student engagement and the classroom learning environment. Children in a class will spontaneously compete with each other and find a way to be special and to feel unique- you can use that to your advantage.

Students can achieve significance in a whole range of positive ways such as:

√      By doing neat work

√      By actively participating in class discussions

√      By being responsible for something- eg. a monitor’s job

√      By building or creating something unique and presenting it to the class

√      …and so on

… or a negative way:

√      By being the class clown (which can be a positive if used in the right way) but often the class clown can disrupt classroom proceedings at the expense of your teaching and other students.

√      By deliberately getting into trouble- you might be surprised but this actually empowers some children and it is easy for them to achieve in a ‘command and control’ classroom.

√      By refusing to work some students feel important because it disempowers the teacher’s efforts at teaching them and therefore makes the student feel as though they have ‘won’.

√      By bullying in all its forms- kids who make themselves feel important at the expense of other kids.

√      By tearing down something (vandalism) or someone (rumours, gossip, criticism).

These tools are designed to provide for the need for significance in your students in a positive way and to also help them become self motivated and equipped with the self discipline and self sufficiency tools to help them along the road to success:

So this package of StudentSuccessBuilding Tools is designed to:

  1. Provide teachers with some useful tools to help students become self motivated, self directed and self sufficient
  2. Provide teachers with some tools they can teach students to help them learn how to become efficient learners who know how to find help and support when they need it
  3. Help teachers satisfy the student need for significance in a positive way

What do you get with StudentSuccessBuilding Tools??

  • Tools which develop significance through helping students create success through self management strategies. eg. The Have A Go Tool teaches students how to develop an attitude of valuing effort and application while also understanding how to learn from mistakes.
  • Tools to develop significance through effective feedback. eg. The Honour Your Learning Tool helps teachers develop a learning environment where students are encouraged to acknowledge what they are learning and how it will benefit them.
  • Tools which create significance by helping students develop successful ‘people skills’. eg. The Meeting New People Tool teaches students how to make a good impression on people have meet for the first time.

How To Order Student Success Building Tools?

To supercharge student success in the classroom, click the ’add to cart’ button at the top of the page to order The Teacher’s Toolbox: Student Success Building Tools.

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