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Spelling Rules For Kids


Everywhere we look, people are complaining about kids’ spelling.

This book of spelling rules makes spelling FUN for kids. It will talk you through a step by step phonic based program to get the kid’s in your class spelling confidently. It will explain each of the 39 spelling rules and give you a word list that supports each rule. There are lots of little spelling activities included to help the kids learn how to apply the rules.

Spelling Rules For Kids will help you teach your kids how to understand:

1. the 44 phonic sounds we use when we speak English and the 70 letters and combinations of letters we use to write these sounds.

2. those confusing sounds like: oi and oy; au and aw; ai and ay; ee, ea, e and e_e and so on.

3. the short vowel sounds and long vowel sounds made with the a, e, i, o and u vowels. Understanding how to detect which vowel sound is being used is a key skill for competent spellers and Spelling Rules For Kids helps kids understand when to double the consonant to keep the vowel sound short and how to spell words when the vowel sound is long.

4. words using suffixes and prefixes.

5. those crazy words using silent letters.

6. which spelling to use with words like; where, wear and we’re and there, their and they’re.

7. what to do with words that DO NOT follow the rules. 13% of the English language does not follow the spelling rules so kids need to know which words follow the rules and how to learn to spell words that do not follow the rules.


The ‘ch’ and ‘tch rule

This rule is pretty simple. Teach your kids that the ‘ch’ sound is usually spelt ‘ch’ to start a word and ‘tch’ to end a word.

Here are some ‘ch’, ‘tch’ words that follow this rule to dictate to your kids:

chill chin catch chop chum stretch snatch cheek
ditch chunk crutch chat latch check itch chap

Now ask your kids to finish these ‘ch’ words by applying this rule:

____est wi_____ la_____ ____in ___at pi____
sti_____ ___eese ___ip ca____ ___est ha____

Pretty simple isn’t it? Except there are four common words that do not follow this rule! Although we put them in the Word Bin for special treatment later, it’s a good idea to show your kids these four words now:

rich which much such

See how simple they are? And did you notice we also taught your kids 4 words that do not follow the ‘ch’ rule. Kids love learning these rules.

They make spelling FUN!

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