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Printable Phonic Flashcards


This is a really handy tool for every teacher to have in their teaching toolbox. Featuring a comprehensive set of 1,855 printable phonic flashcards, this tool takes the hard work out of developing word attack skills, blending skills and spelling skills in kids.

The Phonic Flashcard kit has 80 pages with each page containing 30 flashcards. This electronic file allows you to print off the flashcards in whatever size you choose and however many times you choose. You could easily print each level onto a different colour cardboard to keep the levels easy to distinguish. You can laminate them, make workbooks out of them or cut them up to make word jigsaws. Their uses are only limited by your creativity and how you choose to use them.

While the Phonic Flashcard kit is designed primarily for use with K-2 students, it has proved to be a valuable remedial tool for older kids who run into trouble at reading and spelling. It assists these kids to develop an understanding of the phonic structure of the English language which strengthens and underpins their word attack skills and spelling skills and helps them regain their confidence at reading and spelling.This product is designed for Parents or Teachers of Primary School Children.

Here’s what you get:

  • Level 1 introduces the basics; the 25 consonant sounds, the five short vowel sounds; blending combinations of the consonants and vowels such as pa pe pi po pu and ap ep ip op up.
  • Level 2 introduces all the consonantal blends such as ft, lp, mp and st, cl and fr … and teaches how to blend them with the short vowel sounds. eg. ift, oft, uft and cla, cli, clo.
  • Level 3 works on the vowel combination sounds such as ee, ai, ou and or, ar, ow… and how to blend them. eg. stee, tai, pouand ord, ark, own.
  • Level 4 introduces the long vowel sounds a-e, i-e, o-e, e-e and u-e and teaches kids how to know when to spell using a double consonant or not. eg. do we want the word to say filling or filing?
  • Level 5 attacks all the hard to learn words that do not follow the rules such as words using silent letters or suffixes such as tion and sion.

To get your kids learning phonics, click here and you can be using your Printable Phonic Flashcards within minutes.


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