A Parents Guide to Positive Parenting
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Positive Parenting


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Each and every child is born with a genius inside them. It is our job as parents, to help bring out that genius in our kids.

In A Parent’s Guide To: Positive Parenting, Ian Davies discusses 61 Do’s and Don’ts to help parents bring out the genius in their kids.

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Dear Parent,

It’s not easy being a parent these days, or a kid for that matter. School failure, peer group pressure and bullying are just a sample of the issues that can threaten to derail them and their education.

Parents need as much help as they can get to help guide their kids from babies to adults. If you want to help your kid succeed in life, make sure you read this book. It’s a parent’s guide written especially for parents and will show you the 61 Do’s And Don’ts Of Positive Parenting.

Part 1 of this NEW BOOK reveals:

How to develop healthy eating habits for life and encourage them to take pride in looking after their body and health.

How to exercise your kid’s brain, providing the best chance of academic success.

How to encourage creativity and give them life tools to live a happy and peaceful life.

How to create a happy and positive family environment with trusted role models.

How to encourage emotional stability and happiness through life.

How to encourage self motivation, a thirst for learning and become career driven.

How to stimulate your kid’s social life and help resist poor social behaviour.

In Part 2 you’ll discover:

How to give your kids a great start in life from birth and negate phases such as the ‘terrible two’s’.

How to build self esteem and help them deal with the negative effects of bullying and peer group pressure.

How to encourage your kid’s to develop a strong, healthy attitude and become the leaders and role models of tomorrow.

How to develop manners and social skills to allow interaction with all walks of life.

So within hours of reading this small book, you will be confident and in control of all you’re parenting issues.

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