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All About Exciting Engagement Tools

Why Exciting Engagement Tools?

The 22 Exciting Engagement Tools are designed to bring variety, challenge, surprise, suspense, fun and excitement to the classroom. Along the way they help teachers provide a stimulating learning environment where students learn through ‘doing’ activities – and have FUN while doing it. This ensures the teaching outcomes ‘stick’ in the student’s mind.

What are Exciting Engagement Tools?

  • Tools which create surprise then lead to curiosity for students. A curious mind opens the door to self motivated learning. Eg. The Prop Tool will show you how to use props to create surprise and curiosity and long-lasting understanding.
  • Tools which develop suspense. These tools generally leave students wondering what will happen next which then leaves them eagerly anticipating the next lesson. Eg. The Bring A Thing Tool. The whole point of this tool is that you do not tell the students why they need to bring the chosen prop. That’s what creates the suspense. They go home and say to mum, “I need to take xxxx to school tomorrow” and of course mum will ask why. They will say, “I don’t know, but all the kids are talking about what they might bring”. You have created a bit of suspense because kids and parents are all wondering why. You have the whole family engaged and wondering why you need the chosen prop. And after the lesson, do think the parents will initiate a discussion with their kids about why the prop was needed?
  • Tools to create some fun. These tools help teachers develop valuable and easy-to remember learning experiences and learning skills. These tools challenge student thinking skills in a variety of ways. Eg. The Puzzles Tool shows teachers how to use puzzles to develop advanced thinking skills- sometimes called ‘executive functioning’.
  • Tools to challenge student thinking. These tools help teachers teach kids to problem solve and think independently. Eg. The Impromptu Talk Tool helps overcome the fear of public speaking and challenges students to ‘think on their feet’.

How To Order Exciting Engagement Tools?

To bring innovative and engaging learning activities to your classroom click here to order The Teacher’s Toolbox: Exciting Engagement Tools

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