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All About Cooperative Learning Tools

Why Cooperative Learning Tools?

The need for connection is very important for all children, but especially for teenagers. (Just look at their fascination with social media) Even the ‘loners’ need to connect and cooperative learning tools are a great way of building the people and teamwork skills students will require later in life. (if you look at the Key Selection Criteria for almost any job these days, you will find Key Selection Criteria relating to the ability to work in a team environment and the ability to communicate)

In its positive form, connection is achieved through:

√      Rapport with the teacher

√      Group activities

√      Team activities and games

√      Friendships and friendship groups

√      Sport and interest groups

√      Boyfriends/girlfriends

√      Social media- eg keeping in touch with family or old friends or classmates

In its negative form, connection can be achieved through:

√      Bullying groups- mainly for boys

√      Gangs- mainly for boys

√      Gossip groups- mainly for girls

√      Social media- eg cyber bullying

So this package of Cooperative Learning Tools is designed to:

  1. Provide teachers with some useful tools they can use to effectively engage students in class
  2. Provide teachers with some tools they can teach students help them connect with others
  3. Help teachers teach students how to learn in collaboration with others

What do you get??

  • Tools to develop rapport- the vital key to student/teacher interaction
  • Tools to encourage group interaction
  • Tools to teach kids how to work as part of a team
  • Tools to satisfy the basic human need for connection

How To Order Cooperative Learning Tools?

To bring creative cooperative learning activities to your classroom click here and order The Teacher’s Toolbox: Cooperative Learning Tools

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