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All About Classroom Management Tools

…to fulfill the child’s need for CERTAINTY

Why Classroom Management Tools?

Children need to feel safe, to avoid pain and to feel comfortable in their class and at school. All children need to have some sense of certainty and security at school and some will find all sorts of weird vehicles to achieve their sense of security. Some of the stranger vehicles for security I have seen are: must have a can of Coke in their lunchbox; must have their hair plaited exactly the same each day; must have their jade guitar pick in their wallet. But for most kids a sense of security and certainty is achieved from:

√      Their friendship group

√      Where they sit in the classroom

√      The rules that keep them safe and out of trouble

√      Seeing themselves learn successfully

√      Knowing they are respected and appreciated for their efforts

√      Receiving positive school reports

Therefore, effective classroom management skills and strategies are essential if students are to succeed at school.

These tools are designed to provide for the need for significance in your students in a positive way and to also help them become self motivated and equipped with the self discipline and self sufficiency tools to help them along the road to success:

This package of Classroom Management Tools is designed to:

  1. Provide teachers with some useful tools to help students feel comfortable and secure in the classroom while feeling an integral part of the class.
  2. Help teacher’s monitor student learning so that remedial action can be taken if required.
  3. Help teachers satisfy the student need for certainty in a positive way. Certain that they are appreciated, certain that they will not come to harm, and certain that they will succeed with their schooling.

What do you get with Classroom Management Tools??

  • Tools which enhance classroom management on a day to day basis. eg The Class Expectations Tool explains how to make the learning expectations for each lesson really obvious to all students at the start of each lesson. It then goes on to explain how to check on the expectations towards the end of each lesson.
  • Tools for teachers to informally assess the success of each lesson. eg. The Summarise The Lesson Tool explains how to use a brief summary of the lesson outcomes to informally assess the effectiveness of student learning.
  • Tools to help teachers deal with disruptive behaviour. eg. The Dealing With Defiance Tool gives teachers six strategies to help overcome defiance in students.

How To Order Student Success Building Tools?

To create a learning environment that develops student success in the classroom, click here to order The Teacher’s Toolbox: Classroom Management Tools

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