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Trivia Questions for Kids


All About ‘Trivia Questions For Kids’

Trivia Questions For Kids is much more than a list of trivia questions suitable for Primary students. This book is suitable for:

  • Teachers to incorporate some fun activities into their daily lessons.
  • Students to work with individually.

The activities and questions in this book have been specifically designed to develop the research and thinking skills of Primary School Kids and along the way develop their general knowledge about the world they live in.

Here’s how Trivia Questions For Kids works:

The book is divided into six sequential levels, aimed at 6 – 12 year olds, which gradually develop the child’s thinking processes in line with the Victorian Education Learning Standards (VELS). (link here to VELS page)

Each level consists of 100 questions split into these 10 ‘topic’ areas:

• Animals

• Australia

• The World

• Sport

• Music

• TV and Films

• Famous People

• Science

• Maths

• Books

So all up, there are 600 questions for kids to answer.

While thinking skills and general knowledge are being developed the kids are encouraged to develop attitudes which once established will help support their future education andbeyond.

These attitudes are developed in a fun way to encourage kids to take on the:

• Determination of a wombat.

• Curiosity of an emu.

• Action of a dingo.

• Passion of a magpie.

• Resourcefulness of a goanna.

• Wisdom of an eagle.

Interwoven into the six levels are a series of challenges issued by Johnny. These challenges are designed to teach kids how to solve  problems in a fun way. For example, Johnny’s challenge in Wombat Level is to only let kids find the answers to the questions by asking other people. And, they can only get one answer from one person- they are not allowed to ask the same person for two answers.

This challenge helps stretch kid’s thinking and problem solving skills because it requires them to carefully decide who they ask which question. This challenge also encourages kids to use good people skills with people they don’t know so well. Click here to preview the Wombat Level challenge.

Trivia Questions For Kids is an innovative, must-have resource for schools- even Secondary Schools.

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