How To Stop Your Kid Being Bullied At School

Download Stop Bullying ReportHow To Stop Your Kid Being Bullied At School

Bullying is one of the most frustrating problems parents can endure. Unfortunately, it is very common in our schools and appears to be getting worse by the day.

Research shows…  over 50% of students report being bullied

This includes both boys and girls, although the type of bullying does vary between the sexes.

Despite these differences, the most common form of bullying in both boys and girls, is still verbal bullying using teasing and name calling.

However, cyber bulling is on the increase and as we have seen in recent media reports, the results are devastating for kids.

In fact, any form of bullying can be dev

astating for a kid’s confidence and self-esteem. It can lead onto disruption of your kid’s academic progress as well as behavioural disorders and even psychological disorders such as depression.

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