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Just recently I was having a clean up in my office when I came across an interesting article from ‘The Sun’ (17/4/11) that I had saved.   The article in question was titled, ‘Old School Plan To Give Literacy A Lift’ and it announced that, “Old school ways of teaching children how to read should […]

End Of Year Report

Have you ever been shocked or disappointed with your child’s End Of Year Report? If so, you’ll know that it’s difficult because you know you have done your bit. You’ve got them to school on time with all the books and bits and pieces they will need, fed them well, made sure they’ve done their […]

Animal School

75 years ago, the Superintendant of Public Schools in Cincinnati was a man called George Reavis. George was concerned about how schools approached the difficult task of education so he wrote a fable called: The Animal School. This is what he wrote:   “Once upon a time the animals decided they must do something heroic […]