5 minute projects – Aussie Animals!

Aussie Animals! are a set of fun 5 minute research projects with all the information you need about 10 different species of iconic Australian Animal! Aussie Animals! is a perfect classroom practical activity or a fun task for kids at home, giving them an understanding of the unique traits and personalities of each animal while […]

Teachers Toolbox – Full set

The Teacher’s Toolbox Full Set includes over 120 teaching tools available for teachers to implement in the classroom. There are a huge range of tools included in the Toolbox: √ Tools to improve student engagement. √ Team building tools. √ Public speaking tools. √ Confidence building tools. √ Tools to develop resilience. √ Tools to […]

Free Teachers Report

How Human Needs Psychology Helps Teachers To… Enhance Student Achievement… …and significantly reduce time spent on challenging behaviour Dear Teacher, If you have been searching for ways to improve student performance in your classes (and therefore overcome the student management problems that many teachers struggle with) then this Free Report may be the most important […]

Teachers Toolbox – Student Wellbeing Tools

All About Student Wellbeing Tools …to help teachers provide wellbeing support to students Why Student Wellbeing Tools? Teaching is much more than an exchange of information between teacher and student. In fact these days, with the breakdown of traditional family structures causing a deficit of moral support and guidance in many kids, the teacher’s role […]

Teachers Toolbox – Exciting Engagement Tools

All About Exciting Engagement Tools Why Exciting Engagement Tools? The 22 Exciting Engagement Tools are designed to bring variety, challenge, surprise, suspense, fun and excitement to the classroom. Along the way they help teachers provide a stimulating learning environment where students learn through ‘doing’ activities – and have FUN while doing it. This ensures the […]

Teachers Toolbox – Cooperative Learning

All About Cooperative Learning Tools Why Cooperative Learning Tools? The need for connection is very important for all children, but especially for teenagers. (Just look at their fascination with social media) Even the ‘loners’ need to connect and cooperative learning tools are a great way of building the people and teamwork skills students will require […]

Teachers Toolbox – Conflict Resolution Tools

All About Conflict Resolution Tools Why Conflict Resolution Tools? Every teacher is destined to handle situations of conflict: Conflict between students and themselves Conflict between two or more students Conflict between students and parents Conflict between parents Personal conflict with others In fact, conflict is a part of everyday life for everyone. Every student is […]

Training Man’s Best Friend

    Training Man’s Best Friend is a complete guide to caring for, and training, a dog. It was written by a kid for kids to use as a help guide. It contains easy to understand information and simple illustrations that anyone can understand. Learn how to: • Select the right pup or dog and avoid […]