Shelly’s Success Story

Shelley came to us when she was in Grade 5. Her parents weren’t happy with what was happening at school so they wanted Shelley to have some extra academic tuition and to get used to doing homework. We did some goal setting activities where Shelley selected an area she thought she needed help in. We’d set a goal and then I’d map out a, step by step, 6-8 week program to get Shelley to her goal. We teach kids like Shelley to reward themselves when they reach their goals and over the year Shelley nailed a number of her goals. Shelley’s mum said, “We have been thrilled with the work you have done with Shelley over the last year. Thankyou for your help and patience with Shelley when she was trying to cope with the school ‘issues’. Getting the times tables down pat has made school life much easier for Shelley.” And Shelley simply said, source site “Its fun.”

Bringing some fun back into their education is an important part of our work. Many of the kids we see have been ‘switched off’ to education for years. They become frustrated, confused and disillusioned. They soon lose their confidence so we use the ‘fun’ factor and some character building activities to build self esteem and confidence.


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